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Tax Benefits of Giving

Your gift to AU can also be a tax gift to yourself, greatly increasing the value and impact of your donation.

The Canadian government encourages gifts to nonprofit organizations and charities by granting tax credits to individual donors and by allowing corporations to claim business deductions.

For an individual donor, annual donations of less than $200 receive a federal tax credit of 15%, or about 22 cents per dollar donated. For donations of more than $200, you receive even more: a federal tax credit of 29%, or about 43 cents for every dollar donated. Added to this are provincial tax credits, which vary depending on the province in which you live. Visit the CRA tax credit calculator for more details.

For more detailed information regarding charitable giving, see the Canada Revenue Agency’s Giving to Charity website, which provides a variety of useful links for donors.

When giving to AU, you also may wish to keep in mind that

  • Gifts of publicly traded shares or other securities do not have to be sold before they are donated. No tax is paid on any capital gain and capital losses can be claimed.
  • Charitable donations that you do not claim on your tax form this year can be carried forward for up to five years.
  • Spouses can pool their charitable donation receipts and either can claim the tax credit, regardless of which spouse's name is on the receipt.
  • You can make some gifts to AU now and receive immediate tax benefits, but the actual gift is realized by AU in the future. Learn more about what you can give.
To discuss the tax benefits of various gifts, please contact one of our development professionals.

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