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Athabasca University

How You Can Give

There are many different ways to support AU. It is easy to find something that will work for you.  

Learn more by following the links below and by exploring what you can give. When you’ve made your decision, you can

  • donate online now to put your donation to work immediately
  • mail your donation to Development and External Relations, 345 6 Ave SE, 6th floor, Calgary AB, T2G 4V1 Canada
  • send a fax to 403-298-2922   
  • email us at

Whatever your choice, you will receive a charitable donation tax receipt for any gift over $10.

If you have any questions, we can help. Please e-mail Development and External Relations or phone 403-294-7322 or 1-800-788-9041, ext. 7322, (toll-free) to speak with one of our giving professionals.

You Can Give

A One-time Gift
A Monthly Gift
At Work (Employer-matched Gift)
A Faculty Campaign Gift
A Tribute/Commemorative Gift
A Legacy Gift
A Major Gift
A Corporate Gift
A Foundation Gift
A United Way Gift

One-time Gift

A one-time gift, of any size and at any time, can provide a powerful support to AU students, research or projects. There are many different gift options and you are welcome to take the time to find the one that works best for you or your organization. Donate online today and your gift will start to make a difference right away.

Monthly Gift

A gift worth the price of a cup of gourmet coffee every month can make a big difference over the course of a year. Easy and hassle-free recurring monthly gifts made via credit card, automatic fund withdrawal or payroll deduction provide a steady stream of funds that go to work immediately. At year end, you receive a charitable donation receipt for the sum of the full year’s giving.

At Work (Employer-matched Gift)

Many companies encourage their employees to contribute to nonprofit organizations by offering a matching gift program through which the employer donates funds equal to the amount donated by the employee. This effectively doubles your gift. Check with your employer to see if it has a charitable gift matching program.

If your company offers a matching gift, please fill out the company form and send it to:

Athabasca University
Advancement Office
345 6 Ave SE, 6th floor
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2G 4V1

Faculty Campaign Gift

We invite alumni, faculty members and students to support exciting new initiatives in their own faculty. Campaigns such as Caring for the Future enable you to direct your support to a particular area of interest, enriching the learning of your future colleagues and potentially creating new future opportunities for yourself as well.

Tribute/Commemorative Gift

You can commemorate a milestone or pay tribute to a friend or family member through specially named scholarships, bursaries or other projects. Your gift acquires a double impact, celebrating and honouring someone important to you in a meaningful way and also helping future generations of students. How does it work? Simply encourage people to replace what they might give you on your graduation, birthday, marriage, anniversary, promotion, retirement or other celebratory day with a gift to AU instead. You can also honour a loved one by leaving a gift to AU in his or her name. Options are limitless and we would be pleased to discuss them with you.

Legacy Gift

Leaving a gift to AU in your will can be an especially effective way to make a larger contribution that reflects your personal or professional interests while supporting students, augmenting learning opportunities and advancing research. Tara Friesen, Manager, Alumni Relations and Philanthropy, can help you plan your legacy gift to effectively achieve your philanthropic goals, while minimizing taxes and realizing other benefits.

Major Gift

A substantial or major gift to support a project or cause at AU will reflect your personal or professional interests or your company’s sphere of interest. Such investments can yield an enormous impact for generations, and we will work closely with you to ensure your gift achieves the outcomes you intend. We will be pleased to discuss how you can make a difference.

Corporate Gift

Successful businesses have a keen understanding of the bottom line. Investing in AU — as a partner, sponsor or as part of a corporate social responsibility initiative — can align perfectly with business interests and be part of an effective marketing, corporate development, employee recruitment and retention, and shareholder engagement strategy. We would welcome the opportunity to make the business case for giving to AU as a strategic initiative.

Foundation Gift

Foundations are committed to building healthy, sustainable communities for today and tomorrow. So is AU. The open and distance learning opportunities we provide elevate individuals, families and communities alike, creating more prosperity. We would be pleased to discuss your foundation’s interests and how AU can help realize your vision.

United Way

Athabasca University is a designated charity for the many annual United Way campaigns that take place across the country. You can designate your United Way contribution to AU and support accessible, open and flexible learning opportunities. 

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